Crystal Bracelets

Crystal bracelets are a great way to manifest and carry good energy with you. Our crystal bracelet collection includes a range of crystal types, sizes and decoration to suit your goals, energy or taste.

Strung on elastic or adjustable clasp, crystal bracelets can fit most wrist sizes. Some parlour-made bracelets in our crystal bracelet range can be customized or restrung (smaller or with more beads) for a small fee.

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Crystal Bracelets for Healing and Manifestation

A little reminder

We enjoy wearing crystal bracelets everyday as subtle, token reminders of positive things we want to promote and manifest in our lives.

Arm yourself!

Wearing a different crystal bracelet can prompt you to switch gears and approach each day’s problems with the unique mindset that it needs.

Make your own magic

You don’t need to believe in spiritual or healing properties of crystal bracelets. Make your own magic with beautiful thoughts and things you invite into your life and derive whatever meaning you need.

One for every occasion

If nothing else, it’s cool to be able to bring your favourite crystals with you wherever you go. Show the world what resonates with you and it may resonate with others too!

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