Crystal Gift Set Egg

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Size: L 11 x W 7 cm
Weight: 0.132kg

This LIMITED EDITION Gift egg comes with three crystals: 1 x Rose Quartz Chunk, 1 x Chevron Amethyst Mini Mushroom, and 1 x Bumblebee Jasper Tumble. Intuitively chosen – colours are random (all sets are similar but may vary slightly in color, size and shape.) Weight and size refer to the set as a whole.

Crystal Sets

These bundles and sets of curated crystals make a wonderful addition to any space, and also make great gifts!

Chevron Amethyst
Chevron is a type of Amethyst named due to the natural banding of White Quartz within the crystal. It can be found in India, Brazil & Russia. Chevron Amethyst acts almost like an amplified version of Amethyst - providing much stronger power when dealing with higher chakras.
Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms that shows a pale pink to rose red hue. It is a fantastic all-rounder and has many purposes. The gentle pink colour portrays the ultimate feminine energy. Use it to conjure romantic love, self-love, tenderness, compassion, and peace. Associations: Heart Chakra, Earth & Water Element.


  • All inventory is cleansed and stored in a smoke-free pet-free home
  • Dispatches from a small business in Gold Coast, Australia

DISCLAIMERS: Crystals should never be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. Also, crystals are a natural product of the earth, and may have small variations and imperfections.

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