Previous Crystal Table at the Parlour

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to the previous Valentines crystal live sale! We had a romantic crystal table of pale pink, clear and gold. The new crystal bracelets and Valentines crystal bentos were our real favourites, among many other delicious crystal treats that are 0 calories!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next crystal table coming soon.

Crystal Live Sales at the Parlour

What are these magical crystal tables?

We host crystal live sales every few weeks on Instagram Live. These themed crystal tables are an early glimpse at upcoming crystals for the panda parlour crystal shop. Be the first to claim rare new additions before they’re sold or made available to everyone else on the store!

Your claims will be added to your open box, which will be upgraded in size as needed. Save on shipping by building your box over time as you tune in to our future crystal live sales.

How to Participate in Live Sales

1. Save the date of the Crystal Live Sale

Previews for each upcoming crystal table are released in the week leading up, and you can also catch these before everyone else by signing up for my newsletter. You can view my Crystal Live Sale by tapping my portrait in the top ‘stories’ bar when it is flashing.

2. During the Crystal Live Sale

At each Crystal Live Sale, a scan of the crystal table will explain the available items. Each item will then be shown one by one. If you want to claim the item, please comment price + letter when it is revealed. The number on the sticker is the price. All prices are displayed in USD. I also recommend adding words and emojis to your comment as well to reduce the risk of Instagram blocking it (eg. ‘Claim tower 34D ‘)

3. Instagram swallowed my comment!

Sometimes, Instagram mistakes comments for spam and blocks them. I recommend exiting the Live and re-entering to refresh it. The comment that shows up first on MY screen will get the crystal! Remember that you will appear first on your screen but it looks different for everyone. Sometimes it can be frustrating but please know that it is out of our control and the fairest way to determine who gets the item.

Open Box Payments

Panda’s Crystal Parlour follows a ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach. After each live sale, I will create a listing under your username and send you the link. Payment is required within 24 hours after listings have been posted and you have been messaged the link. Please do not claim items during a live if you do not have the funds to pay within the allotted time. I ask that you claim responsibly, keep track of your claims and ensure you stay within your budget.

*If payment cannot be made within 24 hours for a valid reason, please just communicate with me! Life happens!

If you cancel your order, engage in ‘ghosting’, or do not pay your invoice on time, you will be blocked from future sales. Please don’t be this person, as it is so disheartening to have large orders abandoned. Remember, we are all small businesses (not corporations!) who lose time, money, and confidence when this happens. My panda family is the most amazing community of kind, understanding customers and we want to keep it that way!

Open Boxes & Shipping

My shop ships using the ‘Parlour Pack-and-Fill’ method. This means that when you claim/during a crystal live sale, I will automatically start an open box for you. You can continue to add crystals to your box and pay-as-you-go. It will remain open until you add a note in your order asking to ‘SHIP OUT’ or DM me on IG.

The shipping cost will be charged on your first listing and you won’t pay it again unless you upgrade to the next weight tier. (If you shop with me regularly, it is most cost-effective to build your box of gems over a period of time.)



  • Small (up to 500g) – $4USD
  • Medium (up to 1kg) – $7USD
  • Large (up to 2kg) – $11USD
    *Orders over 2kg will not incur extra costs.

USA & Rest of the world

  • Small (up to 1lb / 500g) – $12USD
  • Medium (up to 2.2lb / 1kg) – $18USD
  • Large (up to 4.4lb / 2kg) – $30USD
    *Orders over 4.4lb / 2kg will not incur extra costs.