Cleansing your Crystals

Our crystals are always kept cleansed in the crystal room where they live before shipping out. However, as they spend some time in transit we always recommend you cleanse your special gems as soon as you receive them. Regular cleansing helps your crystals revert back to their natural state.

There are so many ways you can cleanse your crystals – under running water (if they are water-safe), with a sage/herb bundle, under moonlight overnight, in a bowl of rice, with sound healing, or sitting on a slab of selenite. Find a cleansing ritual that best works for you.

Program your Crystals

Crystals are at their strongest energy when they have been charged and programmed for a specific purpose. This can be done in whatever way feels right to you. A great way to start is to hold your crystal, take some deep breaths and sit with it to tune into its frequency. When you are at peace you can then start to envision your intention and visualize yourself achieving this successfully.

Crystal Rituals

The best way to incorporate crystals into your life is to make them a part of your daily activities and routines. Harmonize with their frequency and energy by having them join you in your rituals – such as meditation, walking in nature, journaling, goal setting, sleep time, and whatever else you do to set intentions in your life. Keeping notes on these experiences will help you craft crystal practices that bring positive outcomes to your day.

The Care and Feeding of your pet Crystals

  • Still your mind and hold them to tune into their frequency
  • Include them in your daily activities and rituals
  • Feed them with loving intentions and cleanse regularly
  • Don’t use them as a replacement for professional medical advice
  • Don’t leave them in sun/water/salt if they are fragile or toxic
  • Don’t worry about rules. Let them work for you in your own way.